How about a little fun? Why not give passers-by the opportunity to stop by a collective workshop?

A wide open garage door, the familiar smell of BBQ and people having a conversation in front of a laser cutter, right outdoor. Neighbours, from all walks of life, meet (some for the first time) with Kendra and Devon from Saskatoon Makerspace. What an amazing encounter it was! For example, did you know that Devon has always been a convener of do it together projects? And that he found unique ways of using the famous duct tape?!

Interestingly, while watching the videos we did on Devon, a man in his twenties from Saskatoon, and on Mr. Slade, a wise do-it-yourselfer from Cap-Breton in Nova Scotia, we notice so many similarities between them! Our videos will soon be published here.

A lot of people showed up, including the Radio-Canada team, Anouk Lebel and her colleague (let us know her name if you do know her).

A few days before the event, we had the met with of the Radio-Canada team for a radio interview conducted by Ricardo Costa (sitting in for Doris Labrie) for the show Pour faire un monde on Ici Radio-Canada Saskatchewan. Thank you Anouk Lebel for your welcome and your agility!

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