Driving back East was full of emotions after seeing, hearing feeling so much. We took huge breaths. We filled our lungs with the ocean fresh air from the Pacific, aware of the importance of the next 5000km we would drive in the next two weeks. Still wanting to meet more people, from more Fab Labs, hackerspaces, and organizations.

Making our way back, we decided to have a quick visit at three differents spaces. The first two along the way, Protospace in Calgary, CrashBang Labs in Regina, both are membership based makerspace. The last one in Winnipeg, A2 Fab Lab at the School of Architecture of the University of Manitoba, which cater to students and has a summer camp program for teens during the warmers months.

Not only were warmly welcomed at each stop, but we were lucky to have to meet with the right people at the right moment. Thanks to Ian, his colleague in Protospace, Mike Staffen, Christina Lloyd, Avery Cameron at CrashBangLabs and Jessica Piper from A2 Fab Lab. It’s no more a doubt that the diversity of the styles of collectives making spaces and people hanging there is just a great richness for our society.

Protospace, Calgary, Alberta

CrashBang Labs, Regina, Saskatchewan

Fab Lab University of Manitoba, School of Architecture

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