The project.  

Fab Labs Nation aims to mobilize co-promoters and partners in order to create the ideal conditions for emerging Fab Labs in Canada. The purpose of this networking initiative is to scale up social innovation and sustainability of a national interstructure.

The context.  

By combining digital tools and knowledge sharing, Fabs Labs are contributing to develop the ”Make together”. They work for the economical, cultural and social development by encouraging knowledge transfer and promote the emergence of innovative proccesses in the field of sustainable development.

Theses fabrication laboratories represent an original and innovative solution for the reconfiguration of actual production models and for the labour market transformation. They offer fabrication spaces that give citizens tools and contribute to build strong and resilient local communities.

A true international community gravitates around Fab Labs, by implementing laboratories in hundreds of cities and villages. The resulting potential for economic and social development is constantly increasing and is being explored in multiple sectors: health, creativity, education, entrepreneurship, etc. The Fab Labs are part of an open innovation movement and are tangible tools of a Smart City.

This canadian initiative hopes to contribute to the emergence of a national Fab Lab network, entirely connected to the world and adapted to the specificities of its different regions.

The Fab Labs.

A Fab Lab is a laboratory of collaborative innovation, an innovation accelerator equipped with digital manufacture machine-tools (3D printer, laser cutting, digital milling machine, etc.) where engineers, inventors, creators and all those who have an entrepreneurial project gather to move from idea to object.

The Fab Lab offers its users (companies, startups, contractors, research laboratories, schools, makers …) the means of professional digital design necessary to carry out projects as well as the access to rapid prototyping and pre -industrialization.

It aims to help companies realize their physical products and accelerate their commercial launch by relying on collective intelligence to innovate better.

It can also support inventors for agreements with companies and contributes to new business models emergence, or even new forms of companies.


The objectives.  

Gather structuring partners around Fab Labs implementation.

Codesign Fab Labs from coast to coast.

Operationalize Canada’s Fab Labs Network.

Strengthen the digital skills of citizens, organizations and companies.

Be part of the Fab City movement.