Here’s a word from our accomplice and partner, Dana Whittle, after our visit in the very welcoming Public Library of the so nice town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. We have been invited to share – and we like the idea!

Had your Fab Lab team visit today at the Wolfville Library in Wolfville, NS.  Very impressed with the group…very knowledgable, enthusiatic and positive.  Had a good turnout for the lead-up time we had. A number of people I know were able to connect which will have positive results. One group I work with is developing a Makerspace(they’re holding a Focus group tonight with the local community to get a sense of what types of technology would be useful in regard to the collective need in the community)… Coincidentally another group was in attendance and they are also trying to develop a makerspace in a neighbouring community. How we live in the country’s second smallest province and neither of them were aware of the other’s intentions…to make it worse they all work for the Nova Scotia Community College. Anyhow, them being connected today through the Fab Lab event is great as they can move forward together 🙂

Thanks for the opportunity…glad I was able to help in some way.


Well, thanks Dana, we are also glad to help in some way!

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