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Fab Labs Nation proposes a concerted strategy to equip Canada with a true digital manufacturing interstructure to create more resilient communities.

Fab Labs are the embodiment of a bold vision of the future:

Modes of design and production for material objects

Skills and knowledges sharing

Skills development and Maker abilities

Communities can become more creative and resilient if they have access locally to advanced technologies and knowledges to implement them into concrete projects to meet the complexity of our societies.

In order to support the model scale-up, we invite you to become co-promoter, partner, accomplice or participant of this great project.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you… Thank you to all of you, without whom this adventure would have never been possible, or would have never been as fun! Honorary mention 1 Monique Chartrand, the

On our way back East…

Driving back East was full of emotions after seeing, hearing feeling so much. We took huge breaths. We filled our lungs with the ocean fresh air from the Pacific, aware of the importance of

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Our innovation process.  

The appropriation of the innovative potential of Fab labs through creative workshops and demonstrations based on a collaborative process, in a perspective of technological, social and economical growth of our communities.

Our innovation process.  

Our methodology.  

Mapping & Planning

Co-creative Immersion