The enthusiasm around Fab Labs is a global phenomenon that doesn’t exclude Canada, known to be a fertile ground in terms of innovative technological and social development. While initiatives to democratize technology and encourage citizen participation are multiplying across the country, there is still no infrastructure that has the potential to support a national network of Fab Labs projects. It is to address this gap that Fab Labs Nation proposes to conduct a tour across Canada in order to establish an efficient network built around the inspiring and promising model of Fab Labs.

“Our vision: Initiate an open and collaborative movement centered around the core values of Fab Labs. The movement has to be appropriated by every canadian actor aiming to participate to a different view of  citizen creation and economic and social models.”

An invitation to collaborate

Our project is still in its early stage, as we are looking for contributors and planning the itinerary of our tour that will take place from April to August 2017. It is with an inclusive vision that we appeal to every type of organisations that would like to get involved in this adventure. If you are interested in Fab Labs and want to address their incredible potential, we invite you to contact us.

About Communautique

Communautique is a pioneer in its field of action, both for the implementation of the living labs methodology and for contributing to make known the concept of Fab Labs in Quebec.

For more information about the project: Fab Labs Nation

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